Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Bahalul reminder for the Caliph, as Syawal approaches

Today is the 28th day of Ramadan 1431 Hijr, and the film is still unfinished. We are way behind our own work schedule.

Our first deadline was August 11. That didn't happen after we viewed our rough cut and realised that we didn't have enough footage. Back to shooting on Aug 14, then we thought we could wrap everything on Sept 1. That didn't happen either.

After the audio post-production followed by critical reviews by the consultants, we had to consider more changes on both audio and visual. Back to the drawing board and we pushed the deadline to today. But fate decided otherwise, and we prayed that this film would finish in time for the producer's deadline of Sept 15.

In other words, my Eid leave will be very short.

Last night I received an Eid greeting from a dear friend, Awang Goneng. Although I'm pretty sure he made this up, the ditty struck a chord:

Eid Day, Harun al Rashid on his steed
Riding in his Imperial robes, into the street
Soldiers clearing the Sultan's path
And the people applauded.

Bahalul the Wise Fool stopped Harun in his tracks
And recited words to guide the Grand Caliph
and through him, down to us -
And the gist of it is this:

The Festival is not for dressing up in fine new clothes.
The Festival for serving Allah and being aware of your Lord.
To celebrate is to be Sultan not of your realm but of your heart.
Sultans of the realm pass into oblivion,
but the Sultan of the heart is never forgotten.

To celebrate the Festival is to be delivered from the
divine punishment at the Resurrection.
The Festival is not for the wearing of perfumes,
but for being regretful of one's sins,
repenting and not committing them again.

It is not for riding on horseback, but for giving up one's faults.
Not about sitting on the imperial throne,
but about crossing the dreadful Bridge,
to sit on the thrones of Paradise.

It is not for boasting about one's palaces
and power, but by bringing the light
to the darkness of the tomb and equipping
it through good works.

The mighty Caliph heard this and wept.


Dear readers,

Wishing you a blessed Eid, wherever you are. Selamat Hari Raya dan maaf zahir batin,

sincerely, nurbaiyah.

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