Saturday, September 18, 2010

The last lap

The FreedomFilmFest 2010 organiser had allowed us extra time to complete the film, but we wanted to finish this film ASAP.

After last night's screening with the focus group, I noted some corrections that had to be made including a few on the subtitles.

Today, the mistakes were duly corrected and graphics are added to the title page. We made a final check on the film; names of people, places, subtitle, end credit, title, graphics, colour and sound.

After the film preview, we gave Joe the nod to create a master copy. Until today, I have lost count the number of times I previewed the film.

The film, as we proudly called it Kisah Tauke Mancis dan Minyak Tumpah, is completed.


  1. Kak Baiyah, congrats, fyi..i'm with the animal planet fan club too...*lol* Aida Ghafar

  2. thank you dr aida. rajin rajin datang sini lagi!