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Writings on Kisah Tauke Mancis dan Minyak Tumpah

Shah Alam protest reframed

First-time filmmakers Sheridan Mahavera and Siti Nurbaiyah Nadzmi talk to Bissme S about their documentary on the cow-head protest, Kisah Tauke Mancis dan Minyak Tumpah.
"... Because of the scarce publicity, the protest issue had been framed as one religion against another and one race against another. But that is not the case. It is not a religious issue. It is not a race issue. We are a plural society with many religions. We are one of the most plural societies on earth. It is a mismanagement in the planning of our communities. It is a problem of governance. It is a problem of how Malaysians deal with their history. It is a problem with local authorities in how they organise and plan their communities."
 THE SUN, OCT 7, 2010

The Loyarburok Interview: “Kisah Tauke Mancis dan Minyak Tumpah”

By Lord Bobo
"The extremist strength is that they are vocal even though they are small whereas the majority is huge but silent. So the moderate majority needs to realise that there are more people out there who share their views, who will support them and they have to stop being silent."

Mendalami kemelut Seksyen 19


"JUDUL dipilih cukup mengusik hati untuk mengetahui lebih mendalam kisah dipaparkan. Melihat posternya menampilkan orang lidi dengan latar belakang hitam pekat serta jalinan ceritanya, ternyata filem pendek itu mempunyai tarikan dan kekuatan tersendiri."

METRO AHAD, OKT 10, 2010